NFL Week 4 Predictions

First blog, Woo!

I figured I would kick off my first blog post with my predictions for the week 4 games. Have any input, or critiques? Go ahead, and comment! I’m laid up from foot surgery, so I have all the time in the world to discuss! 😀

Bengals Vs. Dolphins

Bengals to win over Dolphins. I know its a day late to count this as a prediction, but I want to have at least one right!

Lions Vs. Bears

Lions to win over Bears. Although there is a bit of bias in this decision, Im also looking at the facts. Injuries of key players for the Bears are probably gonna play a big factor in this game.

Colts Vs. Jaguars

Colts to win over Jaguars. Its simple, stats don’t lie for this game.

Titans Vs. Texans

Texans to win over Titans. Texans defense has been getting it done, whereas the Titans offense hasn’t been too impressive.

Browns Vs. Redskins

Redskins to win over Browns.

Seahawks Vs. Jets

Jets to win over Seahawks. Russell Wilson to chose to start this game, despite his hurt ankle might give the Seahawks problems on sunday.

Bills Vs. Patriots

Patriots to win over Bills. The Pats have always been a dominating team. They have won 28 of the last 32 games against the Bills.

Panthers Vs. Falcons

Panthers to win over Falcons. I do believe the falcons will put up a fight, but I don’t think they are going to bring it defensively.

Raiders Vs. Ravens

Raiders to win over Ravens. I believe the Raiders have a really solid offense and I just don’t think the Ravens can step up.

Broncos Vs. Buccaneers

Broncos to win over Buccaneers. The Buc’s defense have simply been giving up too many points per game.

Rams Vs. Cardinals

Cardinals to win over Rams.

Saints Vs. Chargers

Chargers to beat Saints. The Saints defense needs to buckle down if they want to see a win.

Cowboys Vs. 49ers

49ers to beat Cowboys. The Cowboys are suffering a big hit in injuries this week.

Chiefs Vs. Steelers

Steelers to beat Chiefs. Leading stats are my influence of choice for this game.

Giants Vs. Vikings

Vikings to Beat Giants. And no, not because Beckham is a big baby.

Those are my picks! Check back next week to see if I am right!




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