Week 4 Results

As week 4 is winding down to an end and we just have Monday night football left, lets take a look at last weeks predictions and see how right I was!

Dolphins Vs. Bengals

I guessed the Bengals to win. Bengals won, 22-7. I guess it doesn’t count since i guessed after they won.

Lions Vs. Bears

I guessed the Lions to win. The Lions always disappoint. Bears won 17-14.

Colts Vs. Jaguars

I guessed Colts to win. Jaguars won, 30-27. The stats did lie to me.

Titans Vs. Texans

I guessed the Texans to win. Texans won, 27-20.

Browns Vs. Redskins

I guessed the Redskins. They won 31-20.

Seahawks Vs. Jets

I guessed Jets. Seahawks took the win, 27-17.

Bills Vs. Patriots

I guessed the Pats. Holy fuck was I way wrong. The Bills dominated 16-0.

Panthers Vs. Falcons

I guessed the Panthers. Falcons won, 48-33.

Raiders Vs. Ravens

I guessed the Raiders would win. They proved me right by 1 point with a score of 28-27.

Broncos Vs. Buccaneers

I guessed Broncos. They took the win, 27-7.

Rams Vs. Cardinals

I guessed the Cardinals. They got “rammed” 13-17.

Saints Vs. Chargers

I guessed the Chargers, but the Saints brought it with 1 point. 35-34.

Cowboys Vs. 49ers

I guessed the 49ers. The cowboys roped in the win, 24-17.

Cheifs Vs Steelers

I guessed the Steelers. They took it home with a score of 43-14, and What a game.

Giants Vs Vikings

Vikings have my vote. lets see if they can improve my predictions tonight!




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